Re: Advice for a 2-Handed Overhead Rod

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Posted by Jim Williams on 2011-08-08 15:55:27 in reply to Advice for a 2-Handed Overhead Rod posted by Steve A on 2011-08-08 15:22:09

I use the Beulah Surf/Beach rods. I personally use the 9/10, but they do make a 7/8 which is as light as they go. All are 11' which is just about perfect for overhead use. There still aren't a lot of surf double-handers out there, but there are a bunch of good Scandinavian speyrods that are stiff enough to do just fine. Before the Beulahs hit the market four years ago or so I was using a Loop 11'6" Green Line 8/9 weight. I really liked it and found nothing better until the Beulahs came out. I've tried the CND models, but I didn't think they're fast/stiff enough for my tastes.

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