Hot August Stripers

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Posted by Tony Buzolich on 2011-08-06 20:52:33

Up here in my neck of the country most guys about now switch over to salmon fishing, or stay real quiet about the bigger stripers that seem to always show around August and September. Maybe the lack of shad and smaller fingerling stripers has made these bigger fish a little hungrier?

This morning Jim May and I headed out for the river to see what may be moving around. At 5:00AM it's now still dark and the days are getting shorter. We get on the water around 5:30 and it's still hard to see let alone cast accurately and the water seems to be moving us fairly fast as we drift by some of our favorite spots.

Soon enough I get the first grab with a quick splash and a LDR but at least there's fish here and they're eating. We move up to another run and Jim hooks up first, then me, and we've got a double. Nice way to start the morning. We make several more passes without a touch and decide to move again. Another wall comes up with a big eddy and lots of snags. New trees and snags show up where there were non before and sometimes a fish's bump is mistaken for a snag when it really isn't. I get a good grab with a quick headshake, and then nothing.??? Did I get a grab or just drag the line over a submerged limb? This happens often. We decide to make another pass of the same spot and this time Jim hooks up solid. "Big Fish! She's Big" Jim yells and I quickly put down my rod and take over the boat. She's quickly into Jim's backing and we need to follow her out to mid-river, now under the boat and back and forth we go. Soon enough we get her to the net and boga at 28 lbs. Yahoo! It's time to start getting serious about stripers again.

We move on back down the river and pick up several more fish as we go. No big schools, just singles here and there. I now get a good hook-up with a bigger fish that acts just like all bigger fish do and heads for the center of the river. Not as big as Jim's, just a little 9 lber

We keep moving with more smaller fish coming in but the sun is getting high and things are slowing down. I keep dredging deeper and get a follow that that scared both of us. I yell for Jim to look and another huge striper has his nose right on the tail of my fly but slowly sinks out of sight right at the boat. Damnnnnnn!

Here's a couple more of my fishin' buddies with HOT AUGUST STRIPERS taken last season. It's definitely time to get out there,

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