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Posted by Chris Sumers on 2011-08-05 09:29:30 in reply to Re: Alligator Gar. posted by jbird on 2011-08-05 00:23:36

You probably don't want to mess with the Alligator Gar with the long stick, but there are a number of smaller sub-species that can be fun to catch on light tackle.
My dad and I used to bass fish Sam Rayburn Reservoir, in East Texas, and in the spring the gar would come in the shallows to mate and spawn. Most of these fish were less than 50 lbs. but, they would roll somewhat like a tarpon. We could cast a piece of unraveled rope with an egg sinker and large spinner tied to the front of it. These fish would put on a great fight and at times, jump quite a bit. You big problem came when you got them up to the boat. It would take 3 of us to release the fish, two to hold the jaws open and one to untangle the rope from their teeth. All the handling tools had long handles for obvious reasones. This was great fun, especially when the bass fishing was slow.

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