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Posted by Matt Zawacki on 2011-08-04 22:40:45

Hi all -

I have been meaning to post some thoughts about Loreto in additional to those already posted but "my real job" and "my real life" have been a little more chaotic than expected since my return last weekend.

I really enjoyed my first year hosting the Fishabout groups at Loreto while seeing both old friends again and making many new fly fishing friends. As others have said it is not just the fishing but also the camaraderie, the Oasis experience and both the bounty and beauty of the Sea of Cortez that all add up to such a great salt water fly fishing experience. Thanks to Dan, Noel and others for the complimentary comments and I am sincerely looking forward to next years trip with everyone already.

Over a two week span the fishing went from good to really good to ok as the fish became jaded and the Sargasso for the most part vanished. I was hoping that the sky would clear and stay cleared and really turn on the bite but this was not to be. Perhaps hurricane Dora running by Cabo and a small earthquake off the coast of La Paz had subtle effects on the bite as well. Who knows? As Dan has already said, everyone got into fish and had a great time even though the fishing went a bit soft on the second week. As usual some great fishing and fishing tales emerged from these trips including a couple of 70+ pound Roosters caught on conventional gear, Dorado caught on the fly for the first time and personal best days for the number of Roosters caught on the fly for one pair of anglers and for Dorado on conventional gear for two other anglers that have coming to Loreto for over 15 years. As for myself, I really enjoyed fishing with my friend and fishing partner Jim in Loreto again, who I first fished with in Loreto 6 years ago, and with new partner Art who was great both as a roommate and as a fishing partner. In addition to some terrific Dorado days at the end of the first week I caught my first Jack Crevalle (Toro) on a Crease Fly. I also had the eye popping experience of hooking a large needlefish and then seeing a huge grouper come out of the water and eat that needlefish as if it were just a snack. Amazing. On the last day Art and I had about as much fun with skipjack as we could pretty much physically handle.

Every year is different at Loreto and no one can tell what next year will bring but this years trip was for me a good one and although past; definitely not forgotten. If anyone has any questions about the Loreto experiance, Fishabout, next years trips or anything else please feel free to contact me through Fishabout or via e-mail at mzawacki@sbcglobal.net

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