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Posted by JM on 2011-08-04 18:06:37 in reply to Re: Loreto Experience July 25 - 30 2011 posted by Dan Blanton on 2011-08-04 15:41:06

I would also have to think the decline of both dorado and bill fish is due to sport fishermen. Have you ever been to the docks in Cabo when the boats come in or the beaches and marinas in La Paz and Loreto. I would say that a lot of conventional and fly fishermen harvest a good share of both species. I've seen 3 big ice chests full of fillets leave the hotel with one guy and then to have him make a comment "damn, I still have about 90lbs of frozen fish from last year"
Too stand at the dock in Cabo and watch as the boats come back in with flags flying high and to see dorado barely 18" long or a marlin hung up for the hero shots only to have the fishermen walk away not wanting the fish. It definitely doesn't go to waste. They usually cut it up and give chunks to the locals who hang around there in the afternoon with their bags.
My clients always ask me about keeping fish. I tell them it's up to you, you paid money for this trip and I'm not going to tell you not to keep BUT I release all my fish except for one daily dorado I take back to the restaurant and have them prepare it. That's if we don't go downtown to eat ribs, steaks, taco's, etc. We have a wide variety of restaurants to visit.
In 24 years, I've only taken fish home one time and that was only 15 pounds. Gave it to all my relatives and neighbors.

Yes, the commerical boys do rape the waters. We have two tuna boats around the island for a week. Long liners and netters. Ya grease the palm and the government turns there heads. But how many times have you seen you seen guys come in with a bunch of dorado.... What's the limit per person per day. I know and your captain should know. Our captains keep a pretty good count.
I would definitely like to see more enforcement and penalties


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