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Posted by Marcus S on 2011-08-04 12:40:40 in reply to Re: Grizzley 2072 CC Your Opions Please posted by henry cowen on 2011-08-03 21:12:21

Interesting distinction on the rigging aspect... I have been pricing tiller engines I'll hang myself. Regarding the pricing to get the comparable tiller (the Merc Big Tiller option) with all of the other options to catch the stripped Merc up to the Yamaha, the price becomes the same when they are comparably equipped. What I've learned is that in this size of motor (40-50 HP), the tiller is an option that adds cost (for any engine), the base motor is setup for cables/controls.

As for Ed's, they won't ship a Merc to California!

I would stick with fiberglass for a 20'+ type boat (unless getting a premium hand made aluminum product which will be expensive), to me the sweet spot for these value jon boats is the smaller ones. This 1756 is awesome, I can't believe how well it fishes with a 12V iPilot. I can't live with the 9.9 Honda on the back that I have currently though... 10 MPH wide open!!! Add a 2nd angler or too much tackle and it's 6 MPH wide open. Thought that would be OK for fishing small lakes and rivers... but I have learned that 6 mph is unacceptable even on a small lake a few miles long!


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