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Posted by Deano on 2011-08-04 11:38:16 in reply to Alligator Gar. posted by Rob Meade on 2011-08-04 10:33:19

I've got a friend that fly fishes for them every trip during these "dog days" of summer here in the mid south. He caught one last year in an oxbow lake off the Mississippi river that weighed over 150lbs. He either uses very small and extra strong hooks in a slender Barracuda type fly or a brightly colored 4-6 inch piece of nylon rope that’s been unraveled a bit with no hook. He seems to use the latter more often. They get their teeth tangled in the nylon rope and can't let go. The fish jump and run and put up a pretty good fight. He tells me it's all in the presentation but won't tell me exactly how. He has offered to take me fishing and show me so I guess I'll go if I can quit chasing Tarpon. BTW, he catches and releases them unharmed.

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