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Posted by Russ Smith on 2011-08-04 09:14:35 in reply to Sorry Don Quixote. La mancha is in Loreto. posted by Noel de Guzman on 2011-08-04 00:03:02

Glad you got a chance to experience Loreto and enjoyed it and Dan is definitely a great person to experience it with, he certainly knows Loreto top to bottom.

This was my first miss after I think 8 consecutive years, and I've been going off and on since I think 1973 which I'm pretty sure was the year of the famous trailering boats and staying in Escondido adventure. I was 7-8 years old but I still have vivid memories of catching a striped pompano off the pier, blowing up the spinning reel and having a local climb over the side of the pier to help us land the fish. We gave it to him for dinner.

Escondido has changed quite a bit, much fancier, but Loreto still has a lot of the old charm although it is changing and the last few years pretty rapidly.

Loreto is a magical place, GES says when he gets off the plane all the stress goes away, for me it happens when I walk into the lobby of the oasis, since the arrival and getting your luggage process can be a bit stressful. But then it's a week where my mind cares only about time for breakfast, time for fishing, lunch, siesta, dinner and off to the room to re-rig and sleep for the next day.

I definitely missed it this year and plan on being back again next year, nothing like standing on the beach in the morning trying to see if your boat is coming in anticipating what will happen that day.

Glad everyone had a good time, caught fish, and had good weather and arrived back safely ready to do it again next year.

Russ Smith

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