Thanks for suggesting Mainstream Bass line..

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Posted by Adam on 2011-08-03 12:06:44

A while back (see archieves) I asked for suggestions for a bass fly line that would hold up in the warm summer temps of SoFL. I had been using a Cortland Rocket taper on my Sage Graphite III 5/6 wt. It was OK until the temps started getting into the mid 80s. Then it became somewhat akin to a wet noodle. The Rio Mainstream (yellow) Bass Pike Blugill line is everything you guys said it would be. Although stiff with a hard outside coating, it straightens out very easily and doesn't tangle. It casts like a rocket and I love it. Its all-around test will come when the temps stat to drop into the high 60s and low 70s...we'll then see how well it straightens out and looses memory. Gotta run ow, the snook are calling my name...

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