Re: Fishing Crease flies subsurface?

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Posted by Scott Jaunich on 2011-08-03 12:06:33 in reply to Re: Fishing Crease flies subsurface? posted by Marcus S on 2011-08-03 11:30:18

Right on, Marcus! I learned this lesson myself many years ago when I was living in Sacramento and fishing one of the Valley lakes for trout. I was using LC 13 heads to get down to some cooler from my float tube most of the day, but it was a tough bite. Paddling in, I ran into a few friends who were fishing a very shallow flat in the back of a cove. They were only having marginal success, and as we chatted I fired a few casts. Because I didn't change heads, I added a floating bead head emerger but still had to strip like a madman to keep the line from fouling in the weeds. BINGO!! It was a fish a cast for the next hour as everyone went to very heavy heads, floating flies and a super-fast retrieve. Boobies are also very effective here on Lake Champlain with quick sink heads and very short leaders to target smallmouth on some of the reefs, pinnacles and deeper flats. Good stuff!

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