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Posted by Mel Jones on 2011-08-02 22:52:03 in reply to 2011 Loreto Trip posted by Carl Blackledge on 2011-08-02 21:14:48

Great report & fine pictures. Lots of info for anyone planning a trip to Loreto or for those people who were there & maybe were not as successful as you.

I was there for 8 days, 2 of which were while you were still there. Per your suggestions, prior to my trip, I also had a very successful trip(my 4th). Used your crease flies, especially the brown & had very good success with the dorado. One day, my 2nd day of fishing after you left, we spent 1 & 3/4 hour heading north, looking for sargasso. 1 hr coming back south, a little farther out, before we found our 1st sargasso paddie. 20 - 25 fish later 3 other boats found us & we went back to the Oasis. In by 11:30. Used the crease fly on my 12 wt when the bigger fish showed up but mainly used my 10wt with your brown sardinia pattern. Had my(your) boat captain landing fish for me when I picked up the 12 wt. Had him casting & landing his own fish, also.
It was ridiculous! These fish wanted these flies!! I was trying to be selective, so I would stand on the bow & false cast, over & over &........finally let the fly land on the water & if I wasn't quick enough I had a smaller/medium size fish on, much to my chagrin!! Withe the Xi 2, 12 wt I could just point the rod tip at them & reel them in. 1/2 the time the captain & I, we worked very well together, the fish would be reeled almost straight into the net, other times, if the fish was 4-6' under the surface, I could get him coming up & keep him coming right out of the water, up into the air & the captain would stick the net under the fish while it was in mid-air. Takes lots of co-ordination, drag applied with palm, just in case of a miss to prevent the broken rod.

Other days were more average, 4 - 20 dorado, between two fishermen. Did'nt troll much as sargasso could be found most every day. Strange though, most days we did not find the sargasso until around 10 am. Caught one small sailfish while trolling/prospecting for dorado. That was the only sailfish we saw.

I was the guy who was mentioned on Dan's board, that was looking for a partner for Loreto. Most everyone said they would never go with someone they had never fished with. Well, Carl got me & my partner together over the phone/emails & we met for the 1st time in L.A. International. Great trip, especially because of my partner. He spoke fluent Spanish, had owned a house in Loreto & knew a lot about the area, he had miles & miles of more fishing experience than me & was a joy to fish with!!! Thanks for everything partner!!

Thank you Pam Bolla(Baja Big Fish Co) for the tip(use a lighter leader for those mid-size dorado) that got me fewer refusals.

Thank you Carl for all your help/advice!!!

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