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Posted by Andy Cappar on 2011-08-02 20:57:41 in reply to Re: Did I miss your annual beach snook post? posted by Adam on 2011-08-02 19:33:59

Nice fish, Adam! Good job, too, supporting her belly with your leg.

I'm actually across the state in Sarasota. But, I grew up in Fort Pierce on the east side, just got back from a weekend there visiting my mom and dad, actually. I still fish there quite a bit. Some of the baitfish have been thin on both coasts in comparison to past years. It's been that way for a couple years now here, and the mullet run on the east coast is not what it was even a few years back. Strictly opinion borne of observation, but I believe it's the commerical interests netting the baitfish out. We see far less jack crevalle now than before over here, too, and guess what they migrate with? Baitfish schools. No meal plan to follow for the trip, they go elsewhere.

The snook numbers are down state wide after the 2010 freezes, but the numbers are better on the east coast than the west. Still, I'd say your experience is pretty normal for the combination of circumstances. There won't be as many fish on the beach if there isn't food for them to eat while they're there.

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