Delta striper leader - material, lb/test, brand?

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Posted by Mike on 2011-08-02 20:33:07

I was wondering what you guys are using for your leaders? I was out with Angel a couple weeks ago & he was surprised at how thick my leader was.

I've been attaching to the flyline, via a loop to loop, approx. 2' of Rio Alloy 30lb tied with a double surgeons to approx 5' of joined to 5' of Rio Alloy 20lb. I've been using the 30lb to 20lb because of Mike Costello's book as well as numerous web posts on the subject. The thing is, the Rio Alloy is uber thick in diameter. As an example, Rio Alloy 20lb (.021in) is the same thickness as RioMax Plus 35lb (.021in). Should I worry about diameter affecting the action of the fly? What brand & lb/test are you guys using. Your preferred knot?


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