On Netting Butterflies; and Dorado !

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Posted by GES on 2011-08-02 20:08:22

I've never been a butterfly collector; but once in a while I have snuck up on a flowered butterfly and managed, to get a hold of its closed wings, and pick it up. Well, not good for the wings, and you can't inspect the wings either, but you can look at the legs etc.

Much better to have an invisible mesh net that is big enough so you can bring it down over enough flowers, and capture it for a short while for inspection.

Don't ! even think of trying that on a Dorado. Dorado are born looking up at the sky; and the flying fish up there; so they can track it in the air, and be right under it when it lands in their mouth.

Only a terminal idiot would even think of trying to sneak a net down on top of a Dorado; and they NEVER look down.

Well Loreto Pango skippers might think of doing that. You see they are used to gaffing them anyway, so what's with this nettiong business ?

Well six times, our guide tried to sneak a net down on top of a surfaced Dorado, alongside the boat; and six times it produced exactly the same result. No Dorado in the net; but a pissed off Dorado, eight feet straight down under the boat; plus a brand new five piece or six piece Four piece fly rod; or three piece spin/cast rod, as the case may be.

Eric lost two TFO S703H rods, plus a converted C703H rod to butterfly nevernetted Dorado; and I lost three TFO Blue water Light Duty rods, the same way; well I'll take that back; one of the three was a gross cockpit error on my part; but it also took place during a top shot net job on a Dorado; all of them small in the 8-20 pound range.

No busted rods, on Black Skipjack which they don't net, and Eric's first fish of the trip; a nice sailfish gave itself an underwater release, by billing the Bite leader all the way through, before it was boatside.

My fist fish of the trip, was a 40-45 pound Dorado, on the TFO BW-Lite, which safely reached boatside, without breaking the rod. Hell ! I guess he gaffed that from underneath; no butterfly netting.

Yes we eventually got the skipper to put the net down in the water and wait for us to bring the fish in. No ! he still doesn't understand the idea of the snatch; more of a bench press, I would say, so the fish has time to jump out two or three times.

And by next year, I am sure he will forget, most of the progress he made on netting Dorado.

TFO and others came through with some kit parts at least for the BW LDs, so I left home with two BW LDs, and arrived home with two; plus some spare parts. Weren't so lucky on the S703 H spinning rods, or the C703H casting rod, which very cleverly switches handles with the S rods. A TFO heavy duty Teaser rod, kept Eric in Business, giving swimming lessons to sardinas (fatal lessons).

Mucho thanks to Rick Pope, and the TFO crew. My spinning reels will be a no show for next Loreto; clearly the hardest tackle to use out there, and the spinning handles are a good deal larger than the casting handles. No problems with the teaser rod though.


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