Re: Did I miss your annual beach snook post?

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Posted by Adam on 2011-08-02 19:33:59 in reply to Re: Did I miss your annual beach snook post? posted by Andy Cappar on 2011-08-02 18:51:11

Hi Andy. I think I'm correct in assuming that you are loated somewhere in SE FL? Hope I am as my fly fishing buddy and I have been eagerly looking for snook along the beach shore lines...mostly in the Lake Worth/Boynton Beach/Jupiter areas. Last year was great with tons of bait fish. However, this year, we have yet to see the influx of bait fish, nor have we seen more than a few snook. We are not interested in snook that hang out in the deeper rocks, its the shore line cruisers that we can sight fish that gets our hearts beating and legs shaking. So, if you are in our area, any idea what's up that you can share?

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