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Posted by Andy Cappar on 2011-08-02 15:01:28 in reply to flys and leaders for tarpon and snook? posted by JohnS on 2011-08-02 13:54:48

Doug said most of what I'd have said had I beat him to it. ;-) But, I'll add a few remarks: 30 lb bite guard will do just fine for smaller tarpon and most snook. If you're seeing particularly large snook; like big cows 35" and up; bump it to 40 lb. I have no idea if you might find them that size there, but if so, there you go. I like at least 18" of bite-guard, so I always start with 24" or so as a starting point to keep it from whittling down too fast on reties. You'll be retying after every other fish due to chafing and fraying from their jaws and if you get into good numbers, that additional few inches will go by fast as you clip and retie.

Any good baitfish imitation tends to work for snook if you can match it to what they are eating, but when you can't tell, attractor patterns like the sea-ducer work, as do sparse, long Clouser minnows. In shallow water less than 3 feet deep, a deer hair or foam diver is often very effective. All white, red/white, and chartreuse/white are my 3 favorite colors, hands down, for snook. You can get by just fine fishing your tarpon flies for the snook, particularly in colors similar to or the same as the above. One of my favorite snook patterns is a scaled down, all white Keys style tarpon fly.

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