Re: flys and leaders for tarpon and snook?

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Posted by Doug Jeffries on 2011-08-02 14:38:22 in reply to flys and leaders for tarpon and snook? posted by JohnS on 2011-08-02 13:54:48

I've not fished Curacao. But it isn't that far from Los Roques so perhaps the same flies will work there. I recommend some smallish tarpon flies in 1/0 or 2/0 Gamakatsu hooks (because they're sharp and stick). Red & grizzly/white seaducers, cockroaches, grizzly/brown Apt style, or white lightnings. I suspect the fish will be on clear water flats/lagoons so light color, smallish flies would be best. If the fish are under 40 lbs you can go with a real simple leader system of 4 - 5 foot of 20lb looped to your butt section, and then tie on an 18 inch section of 30 - 40 lb mono for a bite tippet (use a slim beauty knot). If the tarpn are bigger than 40 lbs I'd increase the bite tippet to 50 - 60lb. If you expect to see 100lb fish better go with 80 - 100lb bite tippet (of course your 8 wt will be a challenge for fish of this size). If the fish get spooky lengthen the 20 lb section. Red & white seaducers in 2/0 would be my choice for snook, but they'll eat alot of different flies - you just have to get it in front of them. Lee Haskin's flies would be a great choice as well. A green & white deceiver is good too. Snook leaders the same as the tarpon leader except I'd probably use fluoro bite tippet in 20 - 30 lb unless you are seeing some really big ones.

You could easily see some cudas. If you want to catch one you'll need some wire (get the knotable stuff like 25 or 30lb Tyger wire or something). Bring a couple long needlefish patterns or big, long deceivers. Chartreuse is always a good cuda color; blue & white or red & white are good too. 2/0 or 3/0 hooks but strong if you're casting at a big fish. I usually use the same 20lb leader set up and then tie on the wire leader using a tiny barrel swivel or a welded ring. You can use a figure eight knot to tie the fly to the wire.

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