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Posted by henry cowen on 2011-08-01 20:30:31 in reply to Grizzley 2072 CC Your Opions Please posted by Bob Arwine on 2011-08-01 09:18:08

Grizzley is made by Tracker Marine. They make a decent boat. As long as you are buying a welded aluminum boat, you will be fine. Mr Kiene gave you some good advice. My biggest problem w/Tracker is that you MUST put on a Mercury. For my dollar......not my favorite engine (especially in the 4-stroke). I would opt for a 2 stroke Optimax if going black. I personally would rather hang a Yamaha, Honda or Suzuki engine on the back of my boat. For that reason G3 or Sea Ark would be my choice of boats w/Lowe being a third option (not sure what engine company Lowe ias in bed with). If you want a stable boat then you need to get a boat with more beam. Wider is more stable and it is that simple. Aluminum boats generally will beat your brains in if they are not custome hulls. Just what it is. But they are great for poling shallow water (if they are not too big- 18' or smaller). I have a buddy with a Tracker Grizzley 15' and a Merc on the rear. This boat takes a beating! No doubt about it. But you gotta live w/the blk engine. My opinion......I would not go for that package unless you were buying used and it was a fabulous deal.

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