Re: airlines make $5.7 billion profit on baggage fees

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Posted by Ben L. on 2011-08-01 07:03:03 in reply to airlines make $5.7 billion profit on baggage fees posted by DougT on 2011-08-01 05:50:45

My take on this is that personally I don't mind them making the money off baggage fees. You have to pay one way or another...the alternative is having airlines hemorrhaging money and going out of business. Compared to what I spend on fishing in general, flying is pretty damn reasonable IMHO. I'd rather that airlines can make money and offer a competitive product and give us choices. I don't begrudge any business the right to make a reasonable profit. No one has to check in a single bag if they choose to travel light, and this also discourages people from checking on 2 bags each simply because they are "free" and the rest of us who travel with just a carry on (which is what I do for long weekend fishing trips) must subsidize them in the old days. There are also airline choices that don't charge fees for check in luggage - Jet Blue and Southwest come to mind, JB being my favorite airline. Either that or fly enough to get free check in as I do with Continental :).

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