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Posted by Jim Williams on 2010-12-31 18:59:26 in reply to Re: It Will Be Interesting To See ...... posted by joel rosenthal on 2010-12-31 16:58:15

And of course this was pretty much what Loomis was worried about when the lifetime warranty became the buzz. Once again, I challenge anyone to point out where Loomis referred to their warranty as a "Lifetime Warranty." The fact is their ExPeditor warranty applied to all Loomis rods, even those purchased before the warranty went into effect (as you've noted in your post) it was transferable, and it didn't require any proof of purchase. And, at least in my two cases, the new rods showed up very quickly. That means about three days the first time, and about ten days the second. If you were on a trip, they'd agree to send it next day for an additional fee. Frankly, I wish all rod makers would adopt similar warranties and get rid of the lifetime unlimited warranties. You only get extended warranties on cameras, computers, and most other gear IF you purchase it at an additional cost at the time of the original purchase. Maybe our top-line rods wouldn't be $800.00 if they didn't have to factor so much into the price for returns.

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