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Posted by Michael Huggins on 2010-12-31 18:22:13 in reply to Re: GLoomis Warranty - buyer beware posted by Gman on 2010-12-31 12:36:08

I agree with you totally. I own a total of 4 G Loomis rods. The reason that I purchased them in addition to performance was for there warranty program. I viewed the initial purchase price of the rod as having an insurance policy built in. I have used the warranty twice in 20 years on my rods and thought the price and service was fair,however I am disappointed that they are changing the rules for previous owners. There is no way I am going to fork over $100 for a replacement/repair on a rod that I paid a premium price for that had a lifetime warranty at the time of purchase. I don't have a problem with new policies but the people who purchased their products in the past should expect the policies that were in place at the time to be honored.

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