Re: Which tarpon WF F/I line to get?

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Posted by Deano on 2010-12-30 13:02:46 in reply to Which tarpon WF F/I line to get? posted by Adam on 2010-12-29 15:07:44

I'll go against the tide here... I currently use the Rio lines but I also liked the older sand colored SA lines very much. That being said, I quit using F/I lines after only a few times and came to prefer either an intermediate - realizing that a recast is highly unlikely - or a full floater - and deal with the depth part via leader. I don't like the presentation I get with an intermediate tip and find them (on longer casts) just about as hard to lift as a full intermediate. Also, as with the clear lines, the clear tip makes it tough to judge the fly's position relative to the fish when using small, hard to see flies and that's where a colored line tip is very helpful. I've never noticed that I get more bites with a clear line but I have noticed that if you line the fish they seldom spook with clear lines - not so with colored lines. Just my .02...

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