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Posted by Jim Williams on 2010-12-28 13:54:33 in reply to Re: Favorite Permit line?? posted by Ben L. on 2010-12-27 21:11:56

I may be wrong on this and if so, someone from one of the flyline companies should point it out, but I believe the biggest problem is in the transition from the standard flyline to the clear floating tip. Monic made one, the original Phantom which was much better suited to greater variation in temperatures, but they had to use a cluncky knot to attach the two sections. That's why they went with a green tint in the clear line when they brought out the Tropical Phantom. The original Phantom I have I like and since the knot is virtually always outside the rod tip when fishing it doesn't effect things at all, but it still made them difficult to sell. I see their catalog now shows a seamless all weather Phantom line. I may do some digging around to see how that's done. I'll let you know what I find out.

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