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Posted by Steve S on 2010-12-22 00:43:42 in reply to Re: Articulated or animated flies posted by JM on 2010-12-21 13:41:57

I tried the FlyLipps and they are a convenient and faster solution to creating you own lip with Mylar sheets or epoxy/mono loops, or hot glue. I noticed that more action was achieved using them on short shank hooks presumably because the tied in material is free to translate the wobbling motion imparted by the lip. The commercial Fly Lipps also crap out on very large flies, and then you have to resort to fashioning your own larger lip if you want a good wiggle. Also, for flies tied with dumbell or bead chain eyes I had better results with the lip tied on the shank side opposite the tie in point for the eyes. This means the lip rides upright on the hook point side rather than "crankbait style", but the wobbling action is much better. And as others have noted, the wobbling motion while seductive to the eye, is entirely uniform, it is still the pause and subsequent start that seems to attract the hits. It is there that erractic keel weighting seems to draw the advantage since the pause with a keel weighted fly is usually an unpredicable jacknife. That said, the wobble imparted by the lips is pretty cool. My $0.02.

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