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Posted by George Glazener on 2010-12-20 07:57:48

I have had reports in the past of success of the Spinster fly on Amazon Peacock Bass.
A recent report of a Brazil trip reported continued success of this fly on Peacock Bass

Some good friends of mine, as well as many of Dan’s and board members, had good experience with this fly. I am reminded that folks planning a trip to Brazil in the future may want to add this fly to their arsenal

Photo bellow is of our friend with a 17lb Peacock Bass caught on a Spinster fly.
Success was also reported that Lefty and Bob Clouser’s “Half and Half” fly performed well and I’m sure that Dan’s Whistler will be a killer.

I don’t know where or if Spinsters are commercially available, but they are not all that complicated to tie. With all the new synthetics presently available, variations are endless.
Tying instructions can be found on Dan’s Hot Fly page.

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