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Posted by Dave Sellers on 2010-12-17 10:29:07 in reply to Re: TFO BVK 9 wt. posted by BWF on 2010-12-16 20:33:09

I think one of the common complaints about TFO rods has been their weight. My feeling was that this was O.K. because it went back to the debate about light weight vs. durable. I think TFO opted for durable. With advances in materials and rod building techniques, about which I know nothing, that seems to be changing. Obviously TFO was not the first company to jump on this new trend toward ultra light rods but instead has done what is at the core of their business plan and that is to offer an outstanding product comparable to the best for a fraction of the price. I think the BVK does achieve that goal.

With some winter fly fishing shows coming up all over the country, I would suggest that people looking for a light, well mannered and easy casting rod give the BVK a serious comparison test. I think this rod holds it's own among the best but this is such a subjective statement that all I think is fair for me to say is try it, I think you might like it. Dave

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