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Posted by Jim Williams on 2010-12-16 13:08:56 in reply to Re: tarpon/bone butt section posted by Rob C. on 2010-12-16 11:54:55

I think your original post mentioned connecting the hard mono to your backing and that confused a lot of us. Let me presume you meant to the tip of your flyline. Most new flylines these days come with a welded loop so I use that. If not, you can do one of three things: create a loop in the flyline itself, install a braided mono loop, or install a butt section with something like Berkeley Big Game mono line, which will be nail knotted or Albright knotted to the flyline tip with that ending in a loop, often a perfection loop. Big Game is a whole lot easier to knot than the hard mono. The hard mono is better suited for bite tippets. Any of those four methods create the loop that the twisted leader would loop to, as would any other leader with a loop in the butt end. As to the preference of the three methods of making your own loop, I don't know that there is one. I've got systems using all three methods, and I don't necessarily have a preference. Like I say, almost all new lines solve the problem for you with the welded loop. By the way, you can buy the materials necessary to weld your own loop, so there's another option. Pick one system and get good at it, and I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. Dan has a very good section on installing loops on this site.

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