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Posted by Rob Anderson on 2010-12-11 05:32:19 in reply to cost benefit analysis posted by Phil Ewanicki on 2010-12-08 08:50:02

The price you put on your free time is up to you,

My best example is last year in Brazil. One of my anglers borrowed my Sage 990-4 Xi2 one day and realized that there was a difference in a rod with some enginering and one (TFO) made in a factory by people who have never been fly fishing. He could not make the same cast to the fish with the 6 inch flies with the cheap rod. $4000 trip of a lifetime and a bad decision on saving a few $$$ on cheap gear. Not to mention Having to tell your dog he has to wear a neorene vest that says Cabelas on it. Poor dog. Dont take great gear for granted. It works better for the folks like Bill who understand the difference. When you are old and can not do these things you will wish you were playing with better gear when you were younger. Save your K-Mart ball cap and your hodgeman wadders for when you can not use them anymore. Dont let people know you spent more time saving money on your free time than actually using it.

Yogi Beara

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