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Posted by GES on 2010-12-06 12:16:50 in reply to Re: Fly Fishing Gear Problem and Prediction posted by GES on 2010-12-03 17:41:48

Well we keep on having this discussion all the time; and it keeps on cropping up, and I gave up long ago worrying about it. Some people just want to make up their own laws of physics.
I've seen claims of floating fly lines, that are smaller diameter; so less wind resistance; but they are "lower density" than other lines; so they float higher.
If that is true, then you can independently choose, the wieght, diameter, and density of your fly line; using this physics magic. This is not possible in anything else other than floating fly lines.

Still other people want a fly reels that has a "low start-up drag"; we even have fishing magazines testing fly reels for low starting friction. The customer, wants to spin the reel forwards (line retrieve) as if it was a gyroscope rotor' but it also has to have a drag that can hold 10 pounds of straight pull drag; but the one thing it must never do, is spin forwards during the cast, so that it rewinds line on to the spool; that is forbidden. Well violating the Newton's Laws regarding torque and angular momentum, is no sweat for persons with that requirement. Well you can actually solve that problem, with a "park" lever that locks the reel spool solid while you cast; and then you flip the "bail" open to start fishing; probl;em solved; well that parking brake adds another 1/4 oz to your reels weight; so that won't work for some.

This rod tip balance is the same thing. Some people want the "fastest" rod taper they can get, so they don't have to move their hand at all (nearly) and the rod just flicks all that line out). But it must not be tip heavy, even with a feather weight reel; well or light either. Regardless of what line you have on, or how much is stripped out, the rod must balance perfectly. Well you can do that very easily; simply make your rod, handle perfectly uniform cylindrical, so you can hold it just as easily anywhere from one end to the other(make it 15 inches long if you want) for total versatility of balance. Well I forgot, some people like their rod handles to be like bowling balls with holes for their fingers, and thumb to fit into.

The perfect solution for people who have very restrictive gear requirements, is to build your own; then you can do it exactly the way you like it, starting from tieing the fly; all the way back to the pickemup truck you pull your boat with.

For me I'm more than happy with the vast array of products the industry has made to satisfy our whims.


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