Re: Anyone using "bug bond" for fly tying?

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Posted by Steve Cali on 2010-12-05 00:25:51 in reply to Re: Anyone using "bug bond" for fly tying? posted by Dave Sellers on 2010-12-04 10:27:20

Hey Dave,

...a little off topic but...

Your rear weighted design has proven itself over and over for many many years! Believe me ... I've been there waaaay toooooo many times with you with that (your) style of fly in all types of bites...Love your rear weighted jig hook pattern. The action and the ease of tying these fish catching flies are truly amazing!

You definitely need to be marketing your style of rear weighted flies ( Your SST and your somewhat new...well...not that new as it's in the archives here... Epoxy Head Slider or what ever you are going to call it...) as they are no where similar to any fly out there period!


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