2011 Beyond The Breakwater Calendars

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Posted by John Loo on 2010-12-04 03:47:03

I've partnered with Tidelines Calendars, the originator of graphed tides, to produce a customizable wall calendar that tries to capture the essense of offshore and coastal fly-fishing in Southern California.

- You can order a standard calendar, with thirteen of the best pictures from the BTB Photo Gallery, or

- You can create a personalized calendar by swapping in photos of your own. You can also add notes for special dates and events.

Every calendar has the Tidelines tide graphs for the specific region and tide station that you select, plus tide height and times and Moon phase. You can also order the calendar with a starting month other than January.

To order or customize your 2011 Beyond The Breakwater Calendar, go to: http://www.calendarlink.biz/btbff

I've also attached some overview images, but if you want to see larger versions of the calendar images, go to the Beyond The Breakwater website:


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