On Balance

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Posted by Greg Mau on 2010-12-03 21:37:44 in reply to Fly Fishing Gear Problem and Prediction posted by Greg Mau on 2010-12-03 16:50:12

If balance isn't a concern for you, consider yourself fortunate. For me it is.

SATIC BALANCE: When hiking, I carry my outfit reel forward and like the balance slightly reel heavy so that the rod tip is up. When doing a lot of stripping (as in Striped and/or black bass fishing), I like the balance slightly tip heavy so that the tip is naturally in or near the water surface. When dry fly fishing, a neutrally balanced outfit reduces stress and effort while manipulating line.

ACTIVE BALANCE: An outfit balanced tip heavy requires more energy to break your wrist in the casting stroke. An outfit balanced reel heavy may reduce the amount of energy required to cast but at some point becomes heavy, feels clunky, and defeats the whole purpose of having an expensive light rod in the first place.

For the fishing I'm looking at doing, I want my outfit balanced just slightly tip heavy. From what I've gathered, that pretty much excludes all of the 9wt "saltwater" reels. My only option may be to go to a larger fresh water reel at least until a manufacturer comes up with a solution. I stand by my prediction.

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