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Posted by GES on 2010-12-03 17:41:48 in reply to Fly Fishing Gear Problem and Prediction posted by Greg Mau on 2010-12-03 16:50:12

Well you can always add some weights to the rod, to bring it up to a regular 9 weight rod weight.

Ben has the right idea. Static rod balance is a red herring.

And if you think of "fast taper" rods, as being like a broom hanlde with an 18 inch whippy rod at the tip, you can see that the center of mass of the rod, is way up there towards the tip compared to a slower action rod. To fast taper rods, tend to be tip heavy.

But what is important to the casting motion is NOT the static balance; but the total moment of inertia of the rod/reel/line combination about the normal casting hand hold fulcrum. That moment of inertia is what is going to torque your wrist, when you try to stop the rod, in that "Speed-up-and-stop" action that Lefty Teaches us to do.

So you need to keep the reel as close to your casting hand as you can get it with the reel seating arrangement.

When I'm fishing, my rod tip is nealy always just sitting on the water anyway, so I don't have to try and balance it in my hand.


Cortland makes some nice carbpn frame light reels; but then they don't have any drag.

I'm like Ben; for me it's a non-issue; light reel, heavy reel, light rod, heavy rod, any compbination; mox nix to me.

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