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Posted by GES on 2010-12-02 10:37:54 in reply to Measuring drag posted by John L on 2010-12-01 18:53:51

Well a lot depends on what equipment you have to measure it.
If you don't have a simple pull spring scale (along the lines of the scale on a Boga grip; then the wighted bucket or cannister using water, that you can weigh on a bathroom scale gives you a setting value.
With a spring scae, you can just tie it to a fence or door knob and pull line straight off the reel against that. Do it on the rod, so that you also get to feel what that much pull feels like. Well you don't need the whole rod, just the handl butt section.

Theoretically, the drag will go up if the rod is bent; but the low bend angle tactic that most use with carbon rods, makes that academic.

The only other thing is that you should set the drag with all of the fly line off the reel; and just the full backing. Now that doesn't mean you have to remove the fly line; just strip the line out on the floor till you get to the backing loop, and then hang that l;oop on the scale hook.

That is the typical condition you are going to have just after you get a hookup, which can be the most critical time to have a known drag.

Your actual drag will go down as you start putting the fly line back on the reel (fish attached) and of course it will go up if the fish takes out a lot of backing.

4-6 pounds is a good number for a "strike drag" on Tarpon sized fishes; and you can either palm the reel or use the drag knob to alter specially if you have one of the rels that have well controlled drags. But that part coems from experience; so the main thing is to go and hook a lot of big fish.


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