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Posted by Ben L. on 2010-11-23 20:25:06 in reply to Re: Testing vintage reel posted by GES on 2010-11-22 16:16:51

Actually other than casting weight, it depends more on the tippet you use than anything else. Although all you need is a clicker reel for bonefish, I use a Charlton 8500 0.8 and although it is more reel than you need for bonefish, it's still a delight to use for them. I typically fish 8-12# tippet and set appropriate drag for that. Of course the reel can put out something like 10# top end drag (if I recall correctly) but you would only use that if you were fishing 10 kg tippet and that's way too much for nearly any bones you'll catch in Keys or Caribbean area. So I suspect they would be just as much fun on a Seamaster as well.

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