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Posted by GES on 2010-10-11 11:32:40 in reply to Re: Swimming with kokanee posted by Greg Mau on 2010-10-02 11:42:18

Thanks Greg,

Although I do have special prescription glasses for both ordinary wear and driving; they are pretty much just straigh positive power of about 1.25 diopters; and I can see just fine with the dime store Dr Dean Edell specials. My computer glasses are a bit more powerful somewhere in the 3.5 diopter range and slightly different for each eye; with some small astigmatism correction. Once again the dime store specials at 3 -3.5 diopters work just fine. I don't yet have any down to earth prescription reading glasses gbut I certainly need them.

What I wanted for the snorkelling goggles was just a straight forward +1.5 fix but over the full area of each lens.

I can't stand the restrictive view of bi-focals or variable power lenses; and since these are the only eyes I've got; I'm not about to let anyone go hacking away at them.

If I was going to do more scuba, I would want higher power for reading gauges; but for snorkelling, I just need focus correction, and no extra power.

As it happens, I just got back from Oahu last night; and I never actually went in the water anywhere, although I did take the mask and snorkel with me.


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