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Posted by Bill Hutchinson on 2010-10-05 12:49:23 in reply to Re: Photos of Big Bonefish - Mayaguana, Bahamas posted by Jim Davenport on 2010-10-05 00:35:38

Hi Jim ....

Here is a little "BIO" about our operator/guide for Mayaguana in Bahamas ...John Pinto.

My name is John and I am the owner & operator of Mayaguana Bonefishing in the Bahamas. I am working with Bill Hutchinson at Fishing International on the fall fishing program for Mayaguana.

I first went to Mayaguana in 1998 and basically had the whole island to myself for three years. In 2001 I partnered up with famed angler/author/lecturer Gary Borger, my old pal from our Fenwick days in the 1970s and together we hosted many groups through 2008. I have since bought out Gary's share as he has become totally emersed in his partnership with Targus Fly & Feather Company. I continue to host groups at the Mayaguana but have switched to strictly fall trips. The reason for this is's the best fishing time in the Bahamas. The winds blow softly, the fish are well-rested and the hotel we work with offers lower rates. We virtually have the whole island to ourselves.

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