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Posted by GES on 2010-10-01 17:44:18 in reply to Re: Swimming with kokanee posted by Ralph on 2010-10-01 16:06:48

Thanks Ralph.

I'm totally worthless without glasses. There is nothing from my eyeball to the other end of the universe that I see in focus wihout aid. Luckily I only need something like 1.25 to 1.5 + diopters of of the shelf Dean Edell Specials to actually see things; although my actual driving prescription does have a small amount of Astigmatism correction; which I can easily do without.

Evidently teh set up that is most common with scuba is for an actual reading glasses kind of prescription whcih is ok in a bifocal postage stamp field for reading instruments under water; but basically It is hardly worth my while snorkelling with no visual aid; so when I get bacl I'm going to have to invest in a total field corrector lens or somehow just make my own. I suspect I could actually cast some clear silicone in a silicone mold to make some flexible lenses that I could cut out and somehow affix to a flat glass plate.

Well I guess I'll survive with these things for the week anyway.

So tho9se sockeye are land locked basically sterile critters. The Browns look pretty cool going along for the picnic.


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