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Posted by Michael Schweit on 2010-09-30 20:15:38 in reply to Re: Seabass on the fly??????? posted by Ken @ the Spot on 2010-09-30 14:14:15

Yeah, I seem to remember that day...after casting for them for 10 years! Channel Islands WSB have a tendency to feed deep and with currents from an anchored boat, it makes getting to them pretty impossible. Plus they are lazy eaters. Bait guys smack their live squid on the deck before hooking them. How these guys get so big is beyond me.

My day came when they were up on fin bait, not squid. We chased the school for an hour and dropped bait on them numerous times to no response. Captain John said one more try and when he metered them, bait guys dropped over the side and I cast (we were drifting). All 9 bait people went instantaneous bendo and I came tight. Landed one then the second and then the third. Gear was LC-13 with blue over white Clouser. Two of the fish came right as the fly was being stripped back after counting it down about 10 seconds. Slow strips. Not like tuna. The last one waited until the LC was coming out of the water at the end of the retrieve so he was 30' away from the boat. Fish sat there, shaking his head and did not run. I wound in all my running line from the bucket and when I finally got tight to the reel, he took off. Like I said, weird fish.

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