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Posted by Kevin James on 2010-09-30 17:32:48 in reply to Wahoo on the please posted by John L on 2010-09-30 11:23:01

G'day John,

Earl's advice is pretty spot on.

I have been fortunate enough to tangle with more than my fair share of 'hoo on the fly.

In my humble opinion, the best method is bait and switch.
Set out your teasers and once they come streaking into the spread, they tend to overshoot and come back to finish the job. They are usually around in some numbers, and you will often see 'lightning bolts' zipping in and around the back of the boat.

My advice is get that teaser out of the water as quick as you can. Make long casts to the vicinity where they were, let the fly sink and contrary to poular belief that you have retrieve the fly at warp speed, strip in slowish arm length retrieves.

It's often the fish that you don't see that bites.

Stick him and hold on!
Interestingly enough, some fish once stuck almost go into a state of inertia (they simply freeze) and shiver in the water. I reckon they're just warming up the after burners though, as what happens next has to be seen to be believed.

The best patterns have been Flashy Profiles hands down.
Tried others and always tend to come back to these. Obviously opinions will differ, but this is what we have found in our experience.

I've tried posting pictures before, but somehow computers and I are just not the best of mates.
Hope these come out.

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