Delta Fishing 9-29-10 ( I didnt think things could get any better BUT...LOL

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Posted by Angel on 2010-09-30 15:34:03

What a Day!! Thats all I can say!!! I took my uncle out this time to experience what I had reported last week and need less to say he wanted to call in sick today from exhaustion!! I launched at 6am and 5 minutes into our fist stop we had a double hook up( mine 4 lber & his 3 lber) after that started finding shakers so off to new spots.As soon as we stopped at our second we found a few schools busting and started picking up fish from there.At about our forth stop( wich was the motherlode) we were hitting lots of double hook ups with some nice fish.At 1 point I hooked 4 fish on every cast ranging between 4-6 pounds,It was great!about 20 minutes after that I picked up a nice 9 lber which really made the day complete.I ended up with 1-9 lber, 2-3 dozen 4-6 lbers(stopped counting after 25) and a boat load of shakers.Uncle pulled in about a dozen 2-3 lbers and he could tell you how many shakers!!LOL

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