Striper lines

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Posted by FishonRon on 2010-09-29 13:49:30

I have three rods I want to use for sripers. I would like to set up a rod for sinking, intermediate and floating when I go out so I can grab a rod quickly and fish when the conditions change. I have a 9 wt XI3 that I can use for sinking (SA custom tie express) and floating (9 wt Outbound Short) and I have a spool with SA custom tip express that I can use on either my 8wt Z-Axis or 8wt TCX. I have two spools remaining which I was going to put on an 8wt outbound floating short and an 8wt outbound intermediate short. I have been told that most people are using the 8wt outbound short intermediate with floating running line, I/F. How does this intermediate with floating running line compair to regular outbound short intermediate? I know that it doesn't work all that well with floating flys like gerbelers. Am I better off getting a regular OS intermediate and an OS floating? Help!

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