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Posted by GES on 2010-09-29 11:08:25 in reply to hopefully more photos posted by bhorsley on 2010-09-29 09:37:36

Nice Striped Pargo there.

Many many years ago, Russ caught one of those that weighed 14 pounds; off the dock at Puerto Escondido.

In fact it was on the great Baja Caravan Expedition of 1973 featuring Dan Blanton, Ron Dong, and some of the Smiths; sans cloud of course. I drove my VW squareback sedan and pulled my 13 ft Boston Whaler down there.

Ress was fishing with a drug store bought two piece five foot long glass spinning rod that I paid $14 for at Longs Drug Store. It had four guides on it counting the tip top; and he had a Mitchell 300 reel with 8# mono on it.

Caught the fish out in front of the dock on a cast master, and he eventually had to walk the fish around the whole dock, and climb down on the rocks to land it, since it was nearly twice as heavy as the line strength.

As I recall, that was the trip, when the tide went out an PE, and left my Whaler sitting high and dry up on top of a rock pile wall, that passed as one of the markers for what passed as a launch ramp. We were all camping right by the entrance to the bay. Dan and Neil Bohannon found some five pounder Roosters out in the back of the bay, and managed to get at least one each on a cast fly.

Man what a trip that was. We've never caught a Striped Pargo that big ever since; it lunched the Mitchell 300 because Russ was using it like a winch, rather than pumping with the rod, and a little pin that was jammed into the shit metal casting broke off, which eliminated the anti-reverse. We had a spare; but I made him fish the busted one for a while so he would learn the need to take care of one's equipment. I think we still have that reel around somewhere.


PS, I've often wanted to jump in the water with free Dorado; but we wouldn't do it in those days; because they always had a layer of sharks below them ready to grab a hooked fish.

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