Re: blind splicing 30# backing?

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Posted by Mike on 2010-09-28 20:05:14 in reply to Re: blind splicing 30# backing? posted by Carl Blackledge on 2010-09-28 13:24:09

As Carl said, there isn't a bump. Per online research I've done, both the blind splice & the bimini are supposed to be 100% strength connections.

When I got my new reel (from California Fly Shop), they did the blind splice on the backing loop. On my other reels which I rigged myself, I had done the bimini. I really like how smooth the connection is. Part of the reason to change for me is experimenting & learning all the 'new to me' stuff about fly fishing.

BTW, still waiting for a big enough fish to take me to the backing!

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