I Need a Drink !

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Posted by GES on 2010-09-28 14:33:16

Well that didn't quite come out right.

What i meant to say was I should drink more; in bars that is.

A weeke ago I happened to go into the local Fish Market Restaurant for an early fish dinner; which would have been my usual New zealand Green Lipped Mussels; of which I can put away about five dozen at a sitting; but can't afford to do that.

This is my local Santa Clara Fish Market on El Camino, Near lawrence Expressway.

Well the receptionist/ Maitresse de offered to seat me in the bar pointing out it was happy hour till nine and food in the bar was half price.
Well I had never eaten in the bar so I thought well the mussels for $7 was a lot betetr than the mussels for $14, so I got seated in the bar.

Well then I found out that the only food available in the bar at the happy hour price was what was on the happy hour menu; I could order anything including the mussels from the regular menu; but only the items on the special HH menu were half price; or actually as priced in the HH menu.

So the best Ic oud do for around 7 bucks was a deep fried Calimari; so I opted for that as the NZ greenies were not on the HH menu.

Long and the short of it, is when I got up to leave the bar through the door which I had never entered before, there over the door was this weird fish.

Hot Damn ! That's a real Louvar; and it has been sitting there for eons, and I didn't know it was there. I had found a lousy looking black scrungy thing at the FM in Palo Alto but didn't know there was a nice one at my home fish hole.

Well I subsequently went back with my camera to get some pictures. That turned out to be harder than I realized. Th fish was illuminated with a warm incandescent lamp and caem out like a goldfish; and when I turned on the flash it came out like a red snapper.

Finally I turned on some sort of artificial light white balance and ogt a much more realistic true pinky rendition. Still ain't perfect; but the real fish is better than the pics, and this is much closer to the actual; fish on the boat that somebody referenced.

So take our pick of the colors.


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