Last call for Simms shirts!!!

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Posted by Dave Sellers on 2010-09-28 13:40:13

We are sooooo close to the minimum required number of fine Simms fishing shirts with the prestigious Striperfest logo tastefully printed in such a way as to instill the wearer with a sense of confidence and pride so noticeable that it will undoubtedly result in more friends and richer relationships. Thus far 19 visionary trend setters have seized the opportunity to acquire this fine garment knowing that the empty feeling that has nagged at them for years will soon fade when they receive their parcel and upon opening it, will certainly gasp at the style, form and function that they know will redefine them.

Can you now imagine the life that awaits you when you join the ranks of the enlightened few who seem to succeed in life with so little effort? It's not their hard work, it's not their charm, not the good eye contact and firm handshake, no, it's the shirt. And now it's your turn.

Again, the links and prices:

Solar Flex Shirt LT Green (Retail $49.95) Logo on the Back

Blue Water Shirt Grey: ($69.95) Logo on the front Chest


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