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Posted by Phil Brna on 2010-09-28 12:51:05 in reply to Kenai Trip Report 2010 (Pics) posted by Bob Laskodi on 2010-09-28 10:02:24

Bob, thanks for the pics and not mentioning the "other" spot. The middle has been very crowded. I think it was not so when you were here because Matt fishes lower than many, plus it was just starting to really "pop". The water is really dropping now and fast since it is geeting colder and we have had no rain for a month. I recognize many of the spots where those pics were taken.

It was nice meeting you on the "other". What a surprise! The internet makes for a very small world indeed. I recognized you instantly. You hit that spot perfectly. That was an amazing weekend there and it ranks with some of the best fishing I have ever had for those particular beasts. Since you were there, that stream has dropped a lot (maybe 10 inches) and in spots it's almost a trickle. Many of the spots I normaly fish don't have enough water to hold anything. It was very poor last weekend- no water and few fresh fish.

I think I'll go fish the middle on Thursday and maybe Sunday if its not so low I detroy my prop. It is swtiching from beads to flesh which I absolutely LOVE. Nothing like getting one of those big boys on the swing. Phil

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