O'Neill Forebay report-top water action!!

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Posted by LeeH on 2010-09-28 11:27:36

Some of us top water junkies wait all year for this weather pattern! Warm temps on the coast, with an offshore push, brings calm conditions that can 'light up' the O'Neill Forebay.

Even though the weedcutters have wrecked havoc on much of our favorite weedy flats, there are still some great weedy areas, rich in bugs, baitfish and schoolie stripers.
I am amazed at the baitfish population at San Luis.
As a result the fish are fat and strong, even though most are only 3-4 lbs.

I was out Friday, and again last night, and the top water action was great! Yesterday, the water levels were at the top, when scattered the fish, but they were available, and still eager to come to the bug.

For these dead-calm conditions, I prefer a bug that has a more subtle action, like the weedless, Slideball Slider. I have been tying this bug on a stinger hook, weedless, and smaller than usual, to match the smelt baitfish.

If these conditions continue you might want to give it a try. The explosions, many coming right at the tube, will stop your heart!

Hope to see some of you on the water!


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