Kenai Trip Report 2010 (Pics)

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Posted by Bob Laskodi on 2010-09-28 10:02:24

Did my annual Kenai trip from 11-19 September, and as usual, the fishing was stellar. Floated the "Middle" T-W-TH-F with uber guide Matt Duncan (907-223-0381), and I must say the economy is taking it's toll on the number of people out, as the only day that was relatively crowded was Fri. It was a good big fish year with four fish over 30" landed, topped by a 32". However, medium sized fish numbers (24-28") were down quite a bit from previous years, and smaller fish numbers (<22") were very good. The pink run was quite small this year, with ridiculously low numbers of pinks hooked compared to the norm! All in all, a fantastic trip that only cost $1,200 per person for the eight days---- a bargain compared to other "exotic" fishing destinations!

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