Mako Reel survives 5 months burried underwater

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Posted by Jono Shales on 2010-09-28 05:42:18

Jack Charlton recently received an email from a guy claiming to have retrieved a lost reel that had slipped overboard in April this year. The reel was thought lost forever after numerous unsuccessful attempts to find it.

However 5 months later it was retrieved from the sea floor, virtually unrecognisable and packed with sand, covered in barnacles and growth and part of the anodization had worn off from rolling around in an area of constantly shifting waters.

Words from the guy who found the reel - "I haven’t really messed with getting the worm tubes and barnacles off yet. I will say the drag “wheel”, for lack of a better term, was all packed with sand. I soaked it over night and blasted it out with some water and air really quick and it works unbelievable. As far as I can tell it is in perfect working order!! Absolutely Amazing. Once I get all the growth off I plan to fish it with little hesitation. I may have to craft a new handle since the wood has split but other than that me and the guys at our shop just can’t believe this!"

The reel was sent to Jack for inspection and here's what he had to say:

"I now have the subject reel and it is the same reel I shipped to so many months ago.Except for the violation of the surface by barnacles etc. everything is a Mako Reel and could be spooled tomorrow and fished. The interior is dry as a bone and the drag settings are at factory levels. I must admit it is gratifying to see these results but frankly I am more amazed by the fact that in the industrial world of things it is extremely rare to have a nature field testing of the advertised attributes of a product."

Some pics of the reel are attached.

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